Sunshine Ceramica

Spanish Hand Painted Pottery & Ceramics

Sunshine Ceramica was founded by Mike & Laura Randall. Both from London UK and in their late 20’s, wanted to pursue the American dream by moving to Florida and starting a business they had a passion for. Mike had a family business in the UK importing and wholesaling pottery from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Italy, and Spain and noticed that the colorful and excellent quality of Spanish pottery was becoming a popular seller. Armed with the resources, they launched Sunshine Ceramica at Americasmart Atlanta in January 2015.

Sunshine Ceramica specializes in the selling of exclusive Spanish Pottery & Ceramics in the Gift & Garden Industry.

Sunshine Ceramica products are hand-painted by Artisans, making each piece truly unique. Our vibrant and colorful designs bring color to any garden, patio, pool, and home.

All products are created in the heart of Spain, in the region of Andalucia, and imported to the U.S.

Exclusive product offerings and a professional sales and marketing strategy have helped the company grow in the U.K. and European market over recent years, offering products to a wide range of retailers, from tourist shops to gift stores and hardware stores to garden centers.